GeoSpark for Location Intelligence

Location data with Artificial Intelligence

Integrate Location and enhance your apps with our iOS and Android SDKs

What's Included?

User Insights User Insights

Know users home and work Locations and also both places of visits and their frequency to better target users with tailored content.

User Activity Timelapse User Activity Timelapse

Get user Location activity for a given duration with rich data information including Location hits, Events and trips with routes.

Offline Place Analytics Offline Place Analytics

Google Analytics for your offline stores. Know how many users visit your store, how many return and the average time spent in your stores.

New Business Locations New Business Locations

Determine key Locations where to open a new store based on your users activity and Location behavior.

Location Authentication Location Authentication

Match a host and a user’s Location to approve a logins or payments.


Get user Insights from visited places, points of interest and home / work locations.

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Store Analytics

Understand how frequently users visit a particular store and how much time they spend there to take key business decisions.

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Next Store Location

Our software will allow you you determine the right location to open your next store based on your users activity and behavior.

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There is more of GeoSpark

Location Tracking

Integrate live Location in your app with our efficient and highly accurate SDKs and APIs for iOS, Android and React Native.

Location Marketing

Increase traffic by sending Location targeted push notifications to active users, so they get the most out of your business.