What is GeoSpark?

GeoSpark is a location technology company founded in 2018 and based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Our vision is to drive global innovation through our location solutions. We offer developers and businesses accurate and battery-efficient location technologies for location-based mobile applications to ensure personalised app experiences and support data driven decisions.

What does GeoSpark offer?

We offer cloud-based and on-premise solutions for location-aware mobile applications. Our inventory consists of a location SDK and over 30 APIs optimised for the majority of mobile devices and operating systems (iOS and Android).

Who are GeoSpark products for?

Our products are for the solo app developers and companies of all sizes (from start-ups to global enterprises), located and operating anywhere in the world. Our addressable market are location aware mobile applications of all kinds, including on-demand services, mobility, ride-hailing/sharing, food delivery, dating, sport and fitness, fin-tech, banking

What are the benefits of GeoSpark location technologies?

The benefits of using our solutions are: Development time-savings and shortened time to market. You can easily and quickly integrate our location solutions with just a few lines of code, on the contrary to developing and maintaining it yourself - buy over do-it-yourself.High accuracy of location data and no

What devices and operating systems is GeoSpark technology optimised for?

Our technology is intended for mobile phones (no wearables or vehicles). We support Android 4.0.1 and above (reference) and iOS 10.0 and above operating systems. Our solutions are optimised for all iPhones and the following Android phones manufacturers: AsusGoogleHuaweiLenovoLGMotorlaOnePlusOppoRealmeRedmiSamsungSonyVivoXiomi

How accurate is GeoSpark location tracking?

Our technology allows you to track the location of a mobile device with up to 5 meters accuracy, which is on par with global standards.

What is ‘always-on’ location tracking?

Always-on location tracking allows you to track the location of your users at all times. It means you’ll be able to know the location, visited places and movement of your users regardless of the mobile app stage: foreground, background, suspended. Important! It is not possible to track the location

Is it possible to integrate GeoSpark with third-party data providers? (Google, etc.)

Yes! We process data but we are not a data provider. If you wish to display the data on the map or get places/points of interest information, you can use third-party data providers. By default our technology is powered by OpenStreet Maps data but according to your needs you

What is location publisher?

What is location listener?

What is location tracker?

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