Pricing - ground rules

We've designed our pricing making sure it’s: Affordable - we offer competitive prices with volume discounts and an extra 15% off rewarding your yearly commitment,Flexible - you can select a plan that fits your needs and customise the way you prefer to be billed: annually or monthlyTransparent -

API requests

There are two more services that we differentiate in our pricing: API and SDK methods - for Location, Trips, Geofencing and Insights.Realtime events for Geofencing and Trips delivered via a webhookImportant! The above allows you to access a variety of our products and services on top of Location Publisher

Free plan

To give you a testing ground to experiment and try our products, we offer a Free plan. It’s a generous freemium tier with 10.000 Location Updates, 20.000 Pub/Sub messages and 1000 API Requests. The volume is sufficient for the test environment. You get access to the

Billing dashboard

To help you better understand our pricing and provide a clear overview about your usage and spending, we have developed a Billing Dashboard. It’s a place where you can access the full usage and spending history of our products and services. You can also add and edit your payment

Custom pricing

If you don't find a plan that fully suits your needs, reach out to us. We have custom pricing plans for enterprise customers who desire to use the SDK and send location updates back to their own backend server or are in need of larger usage volumes.

Pricing - introduction offers a usage based pricing model meaning you are charged according to your usage of the product. In other words, you simply pay for what you use. We define the usage by counting the three types of units listed below that have monetary value. Location update - a

Need help?

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