Why GeoSpark?

GeoSpark builds a suite of locaton-first products for teams to build efficient and location intelligence businesses

Always-On Location Always-On Location

Track your users in foreground, background and terminated app states, preventing system services from disabling location.

Offline Location Tracking Offline Location Tracking

Track location when a user is offline or going through a remote location and when the user is back online the location get updated to the server.

Mock Location Prevention Mock Location Prevention

Prevent users from using location spoofing app or uploading a GPX file to change their location.

Find Nearby Users Find Nearby Users

Find other users around a single user or a location point and set radius of your choice.

Geofence Geofence

Create a virtual fence around a physical location using our draw tool or uploading coordinates using our exposed API

Polygon Geofence Polygon Geofence

Draw any shape geofence from circle, square, polygon or even the shape of a BugsBunny.

Geofence Events Geofence Events

Get events when a user enters and exits a geofence. Use our web hook to get these events in realtime and amazing use cases.

Trips with Routes Trips with Routes

Pick an origin and destination and start a trip. View the path taken by user as routes.

Single and Multiple Origin Trips Single and Multiple Origin Trips

Start a trip with a single origin or with multiple origins supporting ride sharing use cases.

Single and Multiple Destination Trips Single and Multiple Destination Trips

Set single destinations or multiple destinations to drop off deliveries for 5 customers in a single trip.

Trips.gs Live Tracking URL Trips.gs Live Tracking URL

Share live tracking URLs using GeoSpark’s https://trips.gs to help your customers track your delivery personal.

Marketing Campaign Marketing Campaign

Create a location enabled marketing campaign using geofences and send push notifications.

Notify upon Entry or Exit Events Notify upon Entry or Exit Events

Set Entry and Exit parameters to trigger notification upon entry a geofence or exit a geofence.

Rich notifications with Deeplinks Rich notifications with Deeplinks

Add deep links to make your notifications rich to take them to particular page in your app.

Click-Through Rate Click-Through Rate

Measure how many users clicked your notification to measure conversion.

User Insights User Insights

Know users home and work locations and places of visits and frequency of visits to better target the user with right content.

User Activity Timelapse User Activity Timelapse

Get user location activity for given duration with rich data information which includes location hits, events and trips with routes.

Offline Place Analytics Offline Place Analytics

Google analytics for your offline store. Know how many users visited your store and returning users and average time spent in your store.

New Business Locations New Business Locations

Find new locations open a new store based on your users activity and location behavior.

Location Authentication Location Authentication

Match user’s location and a host to approve a login or a payment.